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You’re an outdoorsman, a hunter, a fisherman, a photographer, a true sportsman.

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Now is the time to make sure your ATV or UTV is at top performance before heading out on your adventure.

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Looking to set your rig up for your adventure?  We can help with more storage, racking, lighting, windshields, cab enclosures, winch, tires, etc. 

Service and parts for all makes and models

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Safety tips for the hunting & outdoor season

  • Take the time to familiarize yourself with your machine before taking it on your adventure.
  • Wearing a helmet is one of the easiest safety measures you can take it reduces the likelihood of serious injury or fatality.
  • Stay off paved surfaces. ATV and UTV tires are designed for unpaved terrain and perform best off of the road.
  •  Consider what you’re hauling on your ATV or UTV. Extra weight and equipment throw off the balance of the vehicle, which can make it easier to tip.
  • Don’t ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Don’t carry loaded firearms or fire your weapon from an ATV or UTV.
  • Respect closed trails, closed areas and private property.
  • Slow down or stop when approaching others on the trail, and proceed to pass in a safe and courteous manner.
  • Don’t ride at night without a headlight, headlights or light bar.
  • Know trail signs and vehicle regulations for the area you’re hunting and where you’re permitted to ride.

Cold weather Tips

  • Hit your brake levers occasionally to prevent them from freezing up.
  • Check and clear snow and ice from your ride, especially the CV- and U-joints, every time you take a break.
  • Carry extra gas and because snow and ice build-up reduces fuel economy.
  • Use your choke minimally; it’s hard to keep a choke cable from freezing and sticking.

Safety equipment to consider packing

 1-2 gallon can of gas; air compressor; 50 feet of Braid rope; compact 3/8” drive socket set, 

Leatherman multi-tool; set of wrenches and multi-screwdriver; bow saw; hatchet, bungee cords,

spare plug, oil, duct tape, wire, and various tie-wraps; snatch block for winch, tire repair kit, First Aid kit,

blanket, change of clothes (polar fleece) in a waterproof bag, map; 8’ x 8’ tarp (for shelter), toilet paper;

fire-starting kit, kindling, a flashlight, power bank for your phone, food, and water.