Tips & Tricks From the Cyclewise Crew

Transporting Your Bike

Hooray it is spring time in the motorcycle world and for many of us this means loading up the bike on a trailer or truck and getting it down to Cyclewise / Ducati Vermont for a spring service.
I wanted to take this opportunity to talk with you about something that we see many people have trouble with or at least have questions about, and that is loading and strapping down their bikes.
Let me bring just a few of our most important points on this to light, and give some advice from the professionals.

  1. The first and most important point is DO NOT load or unload alone. Even with the best equipment this ups your chances of having issues. Bike are heavy and naturally not interested in standing upright and still on a ramp. This simple mistake can be very costly to your bike, your truck, or you!
  2. Our number two on the list is use good straps and plenty of them, old straps with knots and nicks are not nearly as strong as they once were, replace as soon as you notice wear and tear. Rusty or bent ratchets do not hold well under pressure and may release any time causing your bike to fall. Straps that have been left outside overtime will break down due to UV damage and also break under preassure.
  3. Number three on the list is that there is no replacement for good ramps. Good long ramps with an arch are your best bet to reduce the chance of belly hanging the bike and to reduce force required to push it up the ramp. If you have access use the terrain around you such as hills to ease in loading as it reduces the angle of attack on your tailgate.
  4. Number four is wheel chocks for your bed or trailer as they help support the front wheel for strapping. Bar harness are also a great tool for easily strapping down a sport bike securely.
  5. Number five is kind of a no-brainer but important to bring up. Check, double check and then stop and check. It is best to double check all your straps before heading down the road to make sure each tie downpoint is tight. Depending on the length and road conditions of your journey you will want to stip and double check all of your staps as they may loosen or shift during transport.

For more tips on loading or help with any motorcycle transportation needs give a call to us at Cyclewise and we will be happy to help answer any questions. We carry a large stock of all of the above items mentioned to assist you for safe transporting.

Safe Travels,
Cyclewise Service Department