Motorcycle Storage


November 1st – April 1st

Cost is just $375.00 for the winter season

(Includes $100.00 labor credit towards maintenance)

Price Includes:

Battery Service- Removal of battery and use of a trickle charger throughout the winter to ensure your battery is in good health when you come to pick up the bike in the spring.

Maintain Fuel System- Add of fuel stabilizer to fuel.

Coddle the Engine- We will fog the engine and plug all the engine inlets and outlets.

Bathing- We will wash your bike before and after tucking your bike in for the winter season.

Tire Care- We will monitor tire pressure and adjust accordingly throughout the storage period.

Exposure Control- We will spray bare metal parts with lubricants to prevent rust and corrosion.

Covering- We use high quality, breathable covers

We’ll care for your bike like it was our own! $2.00 per day buys a lot of security!

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